What we are about?

ThankPromo is a professional promotional product supplier from China .
We specialise in manufacturing and providing promotional
Power Bank, USB Drive, Travel Adapter, Smart Charger
to oversea clients.

We place high attention on our product quality and service quality.
We are open and honest to cooperate with our customers,
promise to design, manufacture, deliver the best gift solutions
that suit your logo, your budget, your timeline.



Nicholas Jiang
Owner/Senior Sales Manager

ThankPromo is the brainchild of Nicholas.
Developed when Nicholas would like to do some special and meaningful business.

Due 7 years experience in the promotional gifts business,
Nicholas has lots of experiences on artwork design and international business,
He is more than pleased to put himself in your business ,
help you to think more ideas , sell more products.

(PS – written by his wife as he is not good at talking about himself.)


Andy Liu
Owner/Accounting Manager

As elder brother of Nicholas and Owner of ThankPromo,
has more than 10 years experience in the electronic product industry,
that is why he could find and go with Nicholas to build up ThankPromo.

The concept of his business is to be honest, trustworthy and respectable to ThankPromo's clients,
was how he preferred to phrase to ThankPromo guys.